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Radar Screensaver is a developed by ZERGECOM. This site is not affiliated with ZERGE.COM in any way. Read more.
Radar Screensaver icon Radar Screensaver simulates a fabulous radar watching its airspace controlled area. You will be able to configure it many ways. It can track Santa Clause (!) from now and allows leaving messages while it is running when you are away from your PC.
LicenseFree trial
OS supportWindows XP, Windows Vista
ReleasedJan 12, 2015
Last updatedJul 14, 2014
Total downloads1,305
Last week130
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Radar Screensaver screenshot
Safe, Trusted and Spyware Free

Publisher's Description

The Radar Screensaver is a beatiful, entertaining and educational screen saving utility. It allows to be easily configured in many ways to provide you many hours of enjoying with a hi-tech animation. You will find a main circular display with famous rotating beam. It will expose the flying objects which will be reflected as blips over the display. The four sector displays will show a very dynamic picture of radio beam in four quadrants. The degree of simulation is very high, so you will see not only noises from terrain surface and clouds, but even geometric distortions caused by physical effects. Each detected object will be recognized with a Satellite-Powered Identification System (SPIDES): when flying object is exposed by radio beam, the reconnaissance satellite will take its photo and send it to computer at radar observation post. There it will be compared with known types of aircrafts and other flying objects (by the way, there are more than 60 flying object types supported) and finally recognized. You will see this process and final photo of recognized object type. Later, on each beam sweep, the detected object will be updated with path tracking line to allow the operator to view from where and to where the object flies. For those purposes, each object will be supplied with a marker - small rectangle with azimuth, speed, course and distance information. The same information will be placed into the detection logs - two columns of running digits at both sides of your display. You will be able to configure a lot of settings, and change the colors of all the animation elements. Radar Screensaver supports multi-monitor configurations, so if you have more than one monitor connected to your PC, you will be able to turn your workplace into something like observation post. Another exciting feature, making this screensaver very useful, is ability to leave an on-screen messages. These will be shown after attempt to close the screensaver when you are away from your PC.


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Install supportInstall and Uninstall
File size2.99 MB
What's new is version 1.72? OpenGL-based graphics, "on-screen message" feature, AWACS mode, Satellite identification, detection logs, path tracking markers, new user interface.

Publisher's License Agreement (EULA)

RADAR SCREENSAVER is Shareware and it is distributing by principle "Try-Before-Buy". This means: 1. The author, XANDER ZERGE, exclusively owns all copyrights to the RADAR SCREENSAVER. 2. Anyone may use this software for evaluation purposes within a limit of 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, the SCREENSAVER will show a grayscale animation with occasional reminder messages. In addition, it will show a reminder "nag" window before setting its parameters and after closing its full screen animation. Evaluation period is limited by 21 days. After it will expire, it will downgrade amount of time when it operates normally from 20 minutes to 1. 3. If you want the full, unrestricted version of the RADAR SCREENSAVER, you must register. Once registered, the user is granted a non-exclusive license to...

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Radar Screensaver is a developed by ZERGE.COM. This site is not affiliated with ZERGE.COM in any way. SafestDownloads is a platform that helps you find the software you’ve been searching for. SafestDownloads not only offers a vast catalog of thousands of free programs to choose from, but makes it easy to download them.
Safe, Trusted and Spyware Free

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