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Calus Plus License Agreement (EULA)

From RGPSoft

Calus - License Agreement

This contract is between RGPSoft Rossi and Giampaolo You end users.

Carefully read all the terms of use of this software.

a) As all the works in digital format , the program will not be granted , but the license to use the software. In this case, each license is valid for a workstation , regardless of the number of its users.

b ) RGPSoft uses to activate the software online, a serial number will be activated on 3 workstations at the same time and will be active for a period of 1 year. After this time you must purchase and activate a new license key which in turn will last for another calendar year.

c) No authorization is granted to anyone to resell the serial codes unless you have been authorized by RGPSoft Giampaolo Rossi.

d) With the purchase of the license to use the software through a serial code, not including upgrades and phone support, assistance is granted only by e -mail or our forums, signs that are posted at time of purchase of the license.

e) The data included in the archive of the program are owned by the user and therefore are in full responsibility of the end user, RGPSoft Giampaolo Rossi does not assume responsibility for misuse of the program that may lead to misplace or render useless such data.

f ) The license to use the program is sold without technical support by telephone or in person and without updates. The software is still sold after advised to try the limited version, then RGPSoft Giampaolo Rossi has no obligation to release updates, as the end user we tried the demo version that is equal to the final version (release) with the only difference being that they can not enter more than 10 records per card and not being able to print to the printer.

g ) For internal statistical purposes we collect to RGPSoft a simple notification completely anonymous to the achievement of the 20 hours of use of the software. If you do not agree on the use inside of this notice, please do not install the software.

h ) The activation of the software and then 1 serial key valid for 1 calendar year ( 365 days), this involves the removal of some restrictions such as the ability to print or to add more than 10 records. After this period the program and then returns the serial number to be restricted in the prints and the number of records. The user at the time of purchase of the serial is aware of this type of sale of the license and therefore is in favor of such a policy RGPSoft Giampaolo Rossi. For this purchase another serial code if you want to use the program at the height of its functions to another calendar year.

j ) As with all digital works at the time the serial number can not be more than the purchase.

k) We do not make customizations to the program of any kind, not even for a fee. The program is distributed as a DEMO to inspect every aspect of the software, as described in paragraph f. The user, for this reason, at the time of purchase, for us, knows the characteristics of the product, and for this we assume no responsibility about the lack of knowledge by the user, the inability to customizing the software.

p) If the program or part of it does not work after the purchase or activation of the same, RGPSoft believes that it is the customer's computer to have problems, so it is not obliged to modify the software Calus, but will refund the invoice with appropriate credit note and the bank transfer, with no other penalties for RGPSoft Giampaolo Rossi. If you do not agree with this policy, you can avoid installing this software.

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------

I have read the above lines and I agree to use

software such conditions. All rights to software belong to

RGPSoft of Giampaolo Rossi 1996 - 2014
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